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Looking for a more personal approach to preparing for the GRE Math Subject Test? I have offered GRE tutoring since 2015, during which I have helped prospective graduate students raise their scores by as much as 20 percentile points. I tutor via Skype, so I can accomodate students wherever they are. During a tutoring session, we can refresh skills from undergraduate mathematics courses, break down practice test questions, and discuss test-taking tips to manage your time and neat tricks to answer tough questions more quickly.

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“I thank Bill tremendously for his role in my performance increase on the mGRE. It had been a while since I touched Calculus and our sessions were helpful in reviewing many topics I learned years ago as well as the intuition behind the ideas. Bill also taught my very useful tricks for calculations that allowed me to quickly move through the exam on test day. He also provided me concise outlines of commonly tested topics that allowed me to effectively prepare for the exam. Thank you Bill. “

C.M. — 830 (82nd percentile)

“Bill’s session definitely helped me; first of all, it’s valuable to get another perspective when you’re working in isolation, and opportunities to hear from someone who has an ongoing engagement with (and understanding of) the test are extremely rare. Second, in a short amount of time, Bill gave a powerful overview of which materials were actually helpful to study from, and perhaps most importantly, a down-to-earth map of which concepts appear most often on the test, along with specific types of problems and mathematical objects that I should expect to see. All of this provided valuable direction to the rest of my studying.”

C.M. — 800 (78th percentile)

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